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We currently have a position available within our team for someone with a Pattern making background and up to date CAD experience.   Please contact us via our email address

Latest News

2017.   70 years old!

As of May 2017, Cross & Sansam are proud to be 70 years old. We are still providing cutting edge services to a wide range of industries with the same quality of workmanship and customer service that has always put us ahead of our competitors. Our commitment to continual development has always played an important part in future proofing the success of our business both with our employees and specialised machinery.

2017. 50 years at Cross and Sansam

Following on from last year’s long service achievements we are proud to celebrate 50 years of service with Rodger Coulson.

2016.   Marble Hall Project,  Derby. 

We have completed the restoration of the bronze staircase surrounding the commemorative stain glass window within the old Rolls Royce building, Derby.  The site will be open to the public in March and we will follow this by posting a story board of our achievements.

2016.   World War 1 casting.

Our highly skilled patternmakers are currently reverse engineering a World War 1 Tylor twin cylinder block/head for an ‘AEC Lorry’ which is being documented for a story board to follow it to completion.


Here at Cross & Sansam we recycle up to 70% of our waste each month. We have recently added a GROSS Wood Shredder to our ongoing recycling programme which helps to supply heat for the entire factory.

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