About Us...

Here at Cross & Sansam we have a long history of Patternmaking and Engineering which has set the tone for our impeccable standards. Through the years we have evolved into Manufacturing Experts offering a service to our clients that cannot be matched.

We have over 10,000 square feet of manufacturing area dedicated to the Pattern shop and five in-house CNC Machines. These are supported by our team of highly skilled CAD CAM operatives. Our Specialist Wood Machining department has a further 7,000 square feet of dedicated space.

We can turn your ideas into reality and turn your projects into success. We are your one stop shop.

Examples of industries we serve, but are not limited to...

  • Foundry Pattern Making
  • Precision Composite Tooling
  • Bespoke Ornate Joinery
  • Point of Sale and Shopfitting
  • Short run Engineering projects
  • Timber Mouldings

"From our rich heritage in patternmaking, through seven decades, to the modern cutting edge technologies of today we have evolved to now offer unrivalled expertise across a wide range of industries. Still maintaining our traditional work ethic to deliver standards of excellence every time".