CAD Facilities

CAD facilities at Cross & Sansam

Our dedicated team of CAD technicians have over 15 years’ experience. By uploading your Models, Drawings or even your Design Ideas to our FTP site you will receive a service which centres on getting it right for you.

We can produce a 3D tooling model specifically engineered to your requirements giving you the opportunity for a clear visual check before any material is even cut. We can work with many different formats including IGES, PRT, DXF, STP, STL and CATIA.

Another service we can offer you within our CAD department is the use of a portable Artec 3D Scanner. This has been used on projects with Crafted Handrails Ltd ( to produce highly intricate helical ornate wooden handrail sections for the likes of Victoria’s Secret (London) and Harvey Nichols (Birmingham). We can also turn an old casting with no drawings into a highly accurate 3D model ready for manufacture on one of our dedicated CNC Machines.

We have the experience and technology to take your ideas to the next level.